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Indoor Climate - the multi-page website

I am proud to say that I designed a very modern, informative and yet, welcoming website. It fits clients who can invest time, energy and money to move their own business forward every day. And as we know, when one gives value, value comes back.

I made this multi-page website to update the outdated original one - which you can find on www.indoorclimate.org (created in 2006).

This is a real job that I did for a client of mine. They wanted faster results, so I chose to use the help of a template. So, basically, this projects is created with reusable elements, ordered and furbished by me.

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Garage - the single-page website

Gladly, I present a simple, modern and pretty easy to maintain single-page website. Such website could be perfect match for clients who cannot afford to spend much time, energy or time on their online advertisement. Or if it is not necessary, actually.

The goal for me here was to modernize the website of a small garage services business - www.rosehillparkgarage.co.uk.

This website was a very clear task to do - static, short in time and money, and with all the information given. I found it appropriate to use a template to make it even faster. Therefore I cannot take all the credit for the design.

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Hotel - the treasure project

I call it my treasure project because is contents probably all the features that you can find in a modern website! It is fully responsive which means that it fits perfectly on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a computer in portrait or landscape position. Also, 'Star Hotel' contents variety of menus, beautiful carousels and delightful parallax image, stunning gallery, helpful embed Google map and of course, user-friendly reservation form. When I look at 'Star Hotel', I want to visit the place!

It is important to say that I built my 'Hotel' on an actual website - http://www.hotel-lidia.com. I also emphasize that I have made only the visible part of the site, therefore you cannot book a room or send a message through it (but you can if you use the real website). To create my 'Hotel' I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery.

'Star Hotel' is beautiful and well-designed website that definetely has the power to advertise and sell services online really well.

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Space Battles - the fun project

In fact ' Space Battles ' is a game. The user is in the role of the captain who orders some spaceships to take part in a battle in the outer space. There are three possible scenarios for the outcome : winning with jedi power, winning with strength or just no winning. After each battle the captain decides to 're-match' the same teams for a new outcome or choose 'another battle' with new teams and battleships. It is fun!

The "brains" of the app or the back-end is fully written in object-oriented PHP (OOP). I did it following the lessons of an online course. It actually includes most of the features that can be used in object-oriented programming at all. This is why I can say that the beauty of this project is behind the curtains!

Still, the 'curtains' are very appropriate, I think. The visible part of 'Space Battles' is all my idea. That includes not only the overall look but also the names of the battleships, images, font and other details. In order to make all of this working together I used a lot of PHP (as mentioned) and some MySQL, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap (clearly it fits any device and position).

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Solicitors - the quick project

Sometimes I have a vision about how a particular website should look and work. And this happens even though I don't have the task to create or even work on that specific topic . So now I have a few websites stuck in my head and 'Solicitors' is the first of them to see the world.
To illustrate my idea of a law firm website I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery. The fun thing about it is that I made it in no time.

Let's say a law firm has just been created and it needs to appear online now. Or maybe the firm already has a website but it is time for upgrade. This is where my 'Solicitors' comes. 'Solcitors ' is simple, elegant and user-friendly. It is also responsive as shown above - it looks perfect on any device in portrait or landscape position.

Probably a law firm is not the only business that could use my 'Solicitors' as a 'suit' for their online appearance! I am sure this design has the potential to serve and support others as well.

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Calculator - the useful project

I wanted to learn JavaScript in a practical way and make use of my work after that. This is how I programmed a calculator.

Obviously 'Calc de la Hrus' seems like an ordinary calculator - that was my idea. Inspite that it has a sense of humor! It welcomes you with 'You can count on me' greeting and when it is no longer ready with an accurate answer, it says 'This is too much, mate...'.

Something really awesome about 'Calc da la Hrus' is that you can write numbers and do calculations not only by clicking on the buttons or touching them (for touchscreens). You can also use the 'number' and 'math symbols' keys of your keyboard. How cool is that!

'Calc de la Hrus' is special for one more reason. A very close friend of mine made it into an app for Android so that I could use it on my phone back then just like any other app from the Play Store.

To make ' Calc de la Hrus ' look the way it looks, I used some HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. And to make it behave like a real calculator I used a lot of JavaScript.

about [ me ]

Hi there!

I am Tina - the creator, the designer, the editor and the programmer of this website. (It is pretty good, isn't it? ;) ) I also built the websites and the apps that are represented here. But it's not me on the picture above, sorry.

Let me tell you more about me! I am attracted to goodness, intelligence and natural beauty in people. For me life is full of wonder and inspirations are everywhere. I like thinking outside the box and see things through different perspectives. Moreover, living in one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world - London - is really helping: expressing your unique individuality while respecting each other's freedom is the best way you could fit in this huge diversity of people and cultures!

I find programming to be fascinating, intriguing, useful and powerful. And here is why: Fascinating: It is a way to communicate with all the computers that we area surrounded by and we use basically everyday. Intriguing: Programming a is logical system with many rules but once you start to understand it you start playing and creating; Useful: programmming is created to solve actual problems; Powerful: whether you are a user of its product or the developer behind it a webservice has the power to change your personal and professional life for good

hire [ me ]

Why me?

If you are looking for a business partner or an employee and you want them to be responsible and motivated, not just with some professional experience - we can probably work together. Also, I would love to contribute to the achievement of a bright idea.

I am capable of finding simple and functional solutions. What is even more important, I'm willing to learn and improve every day. In order to create a complete, functional website from the scratch I'm learning the main programming tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL. And I will continue to learn how to make smarter and better use of them.

In addition to that, I have lots of ideas! And I use coding as a tool to materialize some of them: my apps are for fun and my websites support small businesses, including my own self-employment. Probably I can help turn some of your ideas into reality, too! So that your business becomes more successful or your big event much more easier to organize. This is how you make better use of your time and money. And this is exactly how a good webservice or a product changes your life.

So, if you think that we can be a good team together, I would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

contact [ me ]

Let's try!

Scientists say that some of the brightest ideas and greatest conversations you might have happen while walking. Of course, people communicate very successfully sitting on a table with a nice view while drinking a cup of tea or a coffee, too. Either way, let's try to arrange a meeting and see what an amazing and useful idea we can turn into reality!